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help & advice

We can help if you have questions regarding rights, your residence permit or legislation.

Our mission is to improve the conditions of migrant sex workers, victims of forced labour and human trafficking. We do this by reaching out, listening, sharing knowledge, identifying, empowering and developing.

AmiAmi (previously Pro Vest) is an independent non-government organisation offering social and healthcare services to migrant sex workers. As an NGO we do our best to ensure that our services match your needs as well as the needs of other migrant sex workers. We do social and healthcare work in Jutland and on Funen.


help & health care

Free and anonymous. We never ask to see anyone’s papers.  
help & healthcare
social work
we come to you

We reach out to prostitution communities, so you might meet us at your door. We offer a talk about options, challenges and problems. We always bring free condoms. You are most welcome to call or visit us. 

drop-in centre

Our drop-in centre is open every Tuesday from 17 to 19. Other weekdays by appointment. Here you can have a talk in confidence with a social worker, get free condoms and second-hand clothes.

right and laws in Denmark

Do you have questions about your residence permit? The opportunity to work? The police? We will check what you need and support you.

are you being forced or threatened?

We offer help if you are being forced or threatened. We can help you to get out of the situation. We have a safe place where you can stay. Just call us, and we will help you.


health care

health clinic

A female doctor is available every Tuesday from 17 to 19. No appointment is needed, just show up. We offer a health check, gynaecological examinations, prescriptions, counselling in connection with birth control, support during pregnancy, abortion, and free vaccination against Hepatitis A and B. If you need to see a doctor, but are unable to come to us, just call and we will find a solution. 

mobile clinic

Our healthcare worker will meet you where you are working or staying. She can do a test on the spot, bring free condoms and can answer questions about your health and physical condition. 


We offer testing for sexually transmitted diseases:  Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.  We also do testing for cervical cancer and Covid-19.

ruptured condom or unprotected sex

If you have had unsafe sex or an accident with the condom, you may still protect yourself against unwanted pregnancy. 

We provide interpreters.

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who works at AmiAmi?

social worker, healthcare worker & doctors
who works at amiami?
healthcare worker

our doctors


take action

take the first step and we can support you

It is always possible to improve your situation. We will support you to the best of our ability. Please contact us. We will listen and meet you where you are. 


address & phone numbers

drop-in centre and health clinic
addres & phone numbers

Danmarksgade 10
1st floor, right side
7000 Fredericia


Lotte +45 2169 5261
Jette +45  5081 0934

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For emergency situations, police, ambulance, or fire call:


clinic opening hours

opening hours

drop-in centre and health clinic

Tuesdays from 17 to 19 in the evening.

Other weekdays by appointment.


If you want to visit our drop-in centre, please call us beforehand, as we may be out doing outreach work.

Write us a message here:

We are here to help. Do not hesitate to write us a message with your questions or concerns.

We will treat all your information confidentially and share it with no one.

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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